While the iPhone 11 Pro looks nearly identical to its predecessor, the changes Apple has made do make it a much better phone. The three cameras on the back are truly excellent and might just be my favourite trio of sensors on any phone. The video recording, audio and super-bright XDR display are all tremendous too. This is also the first 5.8-inch iPhone that doesn’t feel hamstrung by a battery that needs constant attention to get it through a full day. All that being said, there are still areas I would have liked to see Apple push forward in, especially as it has now decided to call these phones ‘Pro’. 5G was never going to happen, but would have been nice anyway; some sort of TouchID-enabled fingerprint sensor inside the display and the rumoured reverse wireless charging that could have juiced up a pair of AirPods would all have been welcome features.


  • A lovely, supremely bright display
  • One of the best camera systems on any phone
  • Finally there’s a quick charger in the box


  • Design hasn’t changed much and the notch remains annoying
  • 64GB still the base storage option
  • The iPhone 11 is, for most people, a better pick

by Max Parker