The iPhone XR was one of Apple’s most popular phones and I can’t see any reason why the iPhone 11 won’t be just as successful. Apple has seen what most people want and instead of making this seem like a cheaper version of the true flagship it has given it the full iPhone 11 name. Unless you’re a complete sucker for an OLED display, or particularly want the zoomed telephoto lens, then there isn’t much you’re missing out on by not getting the Pro model. Especially when you consider the over $300 saving you’re making by going for this version. If you’re coming from an iPhone XR you might want to wait a year and see what the 2020 iPhone brings. However, if you’re updating an older iPhone then you’ll notice the vast array of improvements to camera, battery life and overall design straight away.


  • Great camera
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Really nice colour options
  • Surprisingly excellent value for an Apple phone


  • A screen resolution bump would have been nice
  • Still no fast charger in the box

by Max Parker